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The benefits of using a mortgage broker, RCIIQ member
The role of an independent mortgage broker is to negotiate for you the best conditions in your circumstances. This is a specialist who is not attached to any financial institution or private lender in particular. It has access to a range of resources and lending institutions as well as very competitive mortgage rates. In the context of buying a property, your principal investment is your indispensable asset to plan the best financial strategy based on your reality.

Mortgage brokers, RCIIQ members, benefit from our high volume of transactions and our privileged partnership with the firm Mortgage Architects. They understand market trends, know the characteristics of the hundreds of mortgage products offered and keep themselves informed of any new proposals or mortgage offer. In short, they have all the relevant information.

A simplified and secure process

In front of mortgage products available, it‘s not easy to navigate and make the right choice according to the actual situation. By joining an independent mortgage broker, RCIIQ member, you can enjoy a structured and secure approach. The process is simple and transparent.

Buying a house in four simple steps

Here is how a mortgage broker can simplify the process of buying a home.

It's good to contact a broker for these reasons :
  • Our mortgage brokers have access to over fifteen banks and credit institutions.
  • They save your time by comparing products and find the best for you.
  • They will find a mortgage solution that meets your needs.

Mortgages are complex. Your dealer can provide information on various points :
  • Differences between open and closed mortgages.
  • Differences between fixed and variable interest rates.
  • Amortization period and duration.
  • Amount and frequency of payments.
  • Early repayment restrictions and compensation.
  • additional products.

You try to determine your purchasing power? Your broker can help you:
  • to determine the amount of your down payment.
  • using your RRSP for a downpayment.
  • determining the purchase price and the total amount of your mortgage.
  • to learn tricks to reduce the interest paid.
  • to evaluate the closing costs, insurance, land transfer tax and legal fees.

This is the time to buy! During this process, your broker:
  • submit your mortgage application.
  • obtain pre-authorization for you.
  • you will get support for the purchase of your home and will ensure that all the details of your mortgage financement are settled.
  • present all relevant documents for authorization.

*Source : Les Architectes Hypothécaires

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