Find out How much your home is worth...over the net.

Peace of mind with iTransaction sécurisée

Whatever type of market, it's not always easy to sell his property. But how to prevent than it will drags on the market ? First, do not stand alone. Selling a home is a complex adventure. Ask for professional help by contacting an independent real estate broker.
Consumers can also enjoy a program that guarantees peace of mind during a real estate transaction.
With the exclusive program to independent brokers, iTransaction sécurisée, consumers have no administrative worries. This serious approach has the merit of calling on experts and helps to add value to the property on the market.
In addition, this program make a distinctive added value to the property. This is a significant additional asset to potential buyers.
Do you know how to secure your transaction?
  • judge qualified experts to assess your property;
  • choose the most relevant tests according to my region;
  • access to historical transaction in my neighborhood;
  • Identify the feedback necessary to fully inform a potential buyer;
  • and many other items still ...
For full details on this unique program that meets the concerns of buyers and owner-sellers, contact me.
Note: The iTransaction sécurisée program is offered by RCIIQ members. Check with your broker.

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