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Protect buyers in all circumstances

an approach that protects their interests. This approach is particularly precious for a buyer, in particuly because he is only part in the transaction who are not represented fairly*. Moreover, such protection doesn't cost anything, depending on the option.
Have you thought about how your interests are defended as a buyer when the owner ...
  • sells his own property without outside help?
  • uses the services of a marketing firm?
  • sign a broker contract with a real estate broker?
  • is a developer who selling new homes or condos units, according to its terms?
In all cases, the buyer is left to itself. No commitment or contract established with a professional real estate, you must rely on the advice of the sellers or you need to proceed by yourself for many solicitation required from various experts to secure your purchase.
* Despite the fact that the interests of buyers are relatively protected with the Real Estate Brokerage Act if the seller uses a real estate broker, buyers can claim, rightly or wrongly, to don't be fairly represented in a transaction.

How much ?
  • There is no cost imposed on the buyer when the transaction is negotiated on a property inscribed on the central distribution system used by real estate broker  (, based on the MLS / SIA)
  • The buyer will have to pay a fee only if the properties for sale by owner (with or without marketing service) or in the case of new homes sold directly by developers.
  • The method of payment is chosen when signing the contract. It can take the form of a percentage of the price attached to an offer to purchase or a lump sum, depending on the terms specified in the contract purchaser.
  • Any amount of compensation obtained through a transaction from another brokerage agency or broker (via the universal broadcast system Centris - MLS) is automatically deducted from the amount provided to the buyer contract.
  • note in conclusion that the fees for brokerage services and taxes can now be added to the amount charged for the mortgage.
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